Licenses is not Open Source. Because we would like to work 100% on our projects and be able to live from our work. While we provide non-commercial licenses at no cost, we charge a fee for each commercially used NODE.


By NODE we mean any program instance that is started somewhere. These can be stand-alone NODES or programs that have embedded the library.

By license we mean the permission to use a included program instance commercially. The license includes the name of the licensee and the project to which the license belongs. You will receive a license number in the form of a UUID. This UUID is entered in the configuration of a NODE.

As a licensee, you are obliged to display the license number in the documentation, online help, about dialog or similar in a clearly visible way.

Non-commercial Licenses

By non-commercial licenses we mean all NODES

  • that are not executed on the facilities of a company.
  • that are not running on corporate rented servers in the cloud.
  • with which no turnover is generated.
  • which are free of charge for the respective end user

It is allowed to give out community or information clients for free, which are then used by private customers.

It is also allowed to design and distribute private or open source programs. However, if these programs are used in a company, the company must purchase a runtime license for them.

So if you want to create or distribute such a program, you can generate your own license IDs with the included MakeUUID tool. These license IDs can be entered into our database on request (email to sales[at]

Commercial Licenses

For commercially used licenses we have a simple pricing model. Licenses are purchased by a customer for a specific project and are valid for a lifetime.
The more licenses you need for a particular project, the cheaper they will become.
If the upper limit is exceeded, licences no longer cost anything. You will then receive a volume license and are obligated to display it in the program and the documentation. The licenses do not have to be purchased all at the same time - we accumulate all purchased licenses per project.

Number of licenses Costs per piece Current quantity
10x 400€ 1-10
20x 300€ 11-30
40x 200€ 31-70
80x 100€ 71-150

All prices for Germany are subject to the legal value added tax.
Starting from a quantity of 150 licenses per project, they are delivered free of charge.

We currently sell licenses via email (sales[at] You give us the following data:

  • Company name (licensee)
  • Physical address
  • VAT ID
  • project title
  • Number of licenses required

Note on the project description: We reserve the right to reject general project descriptions. Cause: We license per project, not per company. A project description such as "sales" is therefore too general for us.

softdevel then generates the licenses and maintains them in the database. The licenses receive the status REQUEST (unpaid) until payment is made. You will receive an email with the licenses, an invoice and a support code. After payment, the licenses change to the status PAID (payed). Volume licenses receive the status VOLUME.

The License Database

Since we have direct sales and licenses are only available through us, the status of the license can be checked by any person on our website. All you have to do is enter the license code on this homepage. This - together with the obligation to report license numbers in the documentation - hopefully ensures a high degree of licensing, so that we can keep prices stable and low.