Welcome to softdevel!


softdevel is a software house in the far north of Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein.

We are particularly interested in a special kind of software development, namely asynchronous real-time message passing. Messages flow back and forth between small software modules at lightning speed.

We have been programming this type of software for over 20 years and have used it in small and large projects for other companies. But it is only now that we have begun to launch a range of products that bring their unique features to a wider range of customers.

We at softdevel have worked for various industries, but since 2002 mainly for the automotive industry. We have written most of the code lines for major car manufacturers for infotainment devices (radios, navigation devices). That was fun. But somehow we felt that this could not be everything.

From 2014 onwards, we withdrew to realize our dream of developing our own product line. We lived retired from our savings in our lab, and discussed and wrote and developed code. Now it's time to step outside the door again.

Hello World, we are back!