Client Server Programming is a peer-to-peer network of linked NODES. The NODES and the communication of the NODES can be freely programmed.. This can of course also be used for the development of client and server programs. relieves the programmer of many development tasks and ensures that he has more time to implement his own business model.

In particular, the library takes care of the communication aspects from program to program, takes care of security, and distributes tasks and workload among the available computers in the network. can add network features to an existing project or serve as a framework for the development of new network related programs.

We achieve the special suitability of the framework for network tasks by using messages as a method of communication. objects can send messages directly to other objects, no matter where they are located. All you need is the recipient's address. This makes network programming so easy and you don't have to worry about TCP, SSL, RMI, protocols or the same stuff.

From this simple programming model (write a message, write an address, send it and wait for a reply) we have forged a framework with many features. We can use it to distribute programs across a global network, scale as the load grows, and leverage the cloud.. programs are service-oriented, extremely flexible and lightning-fast. We do not need any dedicated middleware, message servers or additional software. Just a little library.

Before you spend a lot of time on developing on the protocol level: Have a look at this homepage, download the library and try out the first steps with it. Design your network communication with UML (sequence diagrams!) and implements them with in the shortest possible time. And if you have a special task, or something special is missing, or if you still need active support, then simply contact us by email. We want to be there for you.