Prospects and Schedule has just come out of the Lab, but we have more ideas and plans for years to come.

This listing is a way to show you where we're going. That's not a fixed timetable. We will of course orientate ourselves to your wishes and needs. There will therefore always be shifts and a rebalancing of priorities.

But you've been asking for it. Tell us what you need, preferably by email or (later) in the forum. Thank you very much in advance!

The following language translations are planned:

  • Implementation in C++
  • Implementation in Rust
  • Implementation in Go
  • Implementation in Swift für IOS und Mac
  • Customization for use in Android
  • Implementation in Python
  • Implementation in C#
  • A Javascript NODE

And these extensions:

  • OSGi Support (in earlier versions the system consisted of countless bundles...)
  • Real applications that can also be started remotely and multiple times (in progress)
  • Start and stop plug-ins manually by message.
  • File transfer from NODE to NODE (almost finished)
  • A commander plug-in for copying files in the network (almost finished)
  • Synchronization of directories
  • Support for UDP
  • Monitor tab for the configuration/data pool
  • Monitor tab for transport, protocol etc. for easy debugging of extensions
  • Monitor tab for the network
  • Statistics
  • Transport protocol for USB
  • Transport protocol for the serial interface
  • The Next Big Thing (we don't want to mention yet)

There were already some of what we had in industrial use. But not yet as a product.

We're also working on completing the website.

  • Completion of the documentation (Prio 1)
  • Further examples
  • The Forum
  • A platform for distributing similar libraries according to the same model (license keys).

And yes, we have ideas for applications based on Maybe later...